Geb Green Energy S.A.


The 100% subsidiary company «GENERAL COMMERCIAL RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES SA» with the distinctive title «GEB GREEN ENERGY S.A», was founded on 20.07.2010, in accordance with the decision dated 08.07.2010 taken by the Board of Directors of the parent company «GENERAL COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL SA» with headquarters in the Municipality of Aspropyrgos in Attica (Gov. Gazette SA & LTD 8428/26.07.2010).

The company’s line of business is in producing, marketing and supplying energy from Renewable Energy Sources and from conventional fuels for domestic, industrial and other uses.

The first Board of Directors, whose mandate expires at the convergence of the first Annual General Meeting, composed by the following:

Kremydas Kostantinos: President & CEO
Kremydas George: Vice President
Kremydas Panagiotis : Member
Konidaris Theodoros : Member
Glavas Achilles : Member





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